August 16, 2008

Fading into Sunshine

An old, log barn with a modern addition.

Himself: Had a really good day.

Herself: Yup, three major things are a bit much for someone who has been sitting on her rear doing nothing for six-some weeks. Now I am a veggie

Food: Weight Watchers Point Plan: Half a Subway sandwich is 9 points. We have about 35 extra points a week, and we ate into them yesterday. Chocolate chip cookies, hot from the oven and melting their chocolate in the bags were 3 points each.

Duck: Duck’s Flickr album: easily accessible.
I’ve been mulling over various topics I could write about for class. This morning, I was reminded that it’s a real pain to have no short term memory. Now can’t remember any of these brilliant ideas I thought of yesterday…and I had a couple of brilliant ideas. Or wafts of ideas.

Now I have emptiness.

Ah well, so today I shall take a small note pad with me as I go to a couple of estate sales, to the grocery store, to gas up Grumpy now that gas is below four bucks a gallon, into the sunshine and gorgeous greenery.

Maybe somebody else out there needs an errand run too. Who knows what awaits us out there in that sunny, beautiful day. We will pack one point, no fat, three point sandwiches, no point drinks, and smiles when we go see.


  1. love the barn pictures. they are lovely. good luck with ww. i find the core plan a little more palatable since you can eat more carbs, as long as they are whole grain.

  2. take along a small notepad with that lunch sandwich and jot those ideas down like I do. I have brilliant ideas in the middle of the night when I wake up. by morning they're mostly gone! (and I'm on vacation from blogging but it's still there in my mind!)


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