August 28, 2008

The Gloria

The Columbian sail training ship, Gloria, San Diego, 2008.

Himself: Walked to a meeting. Hurrah.

Herself: Writing Class, came home to work on a small fiction piece of 101 words all afternoon. Wrote too many words and can’t seem to cut any. Swam this morning, and today I am going to zip through the Thursday Lunch group to see if Marion B sent her book off to the publisher, then it is on to mammogram time.

Food: Did great but for 1 point fudge bar, 2 points chocolate, 2 points sorbet, and those points are another whole meal.

OD Friends: Please keep OD friends Marion B, Dave Dog (who has let his walker go), and ThomaS in your thoughts. Thank you.
Such a lovely day. I love days that the sun pours in my windows. I love days when I feel as if I belong, as if I am giving something back to the world even if my carbon footprint is a little too big.

Festival of Sail:

The Gloria’s gangway….newly polished brass.

The 249 foot Gloria was built in 1968 in Spain as a sail training ship for Columbia. Her merchant design was altered to make room for ten officers and fifty crew and 75 cadets. She is named after the wife of General Rebeiz who advocated sail training ships for Columbia.

Both G and I were fascinated by the intricacies and details of this ship. Not only was her gangway brass, which crew have to polish, but leading edges of ladders, handrails, plaques, and deadlights were brass too. Her decks were varnished, and there was a formal, stately feel to the ship that wasn’t present on the two other larger tall ships.

Left: Brass steps. Right: And brass steps.

Left: Line infinity. Right: Lines on a sail.

Bow details.

G and running rigging.

Left: Lifeboat above an extra spar. Right: Coils of lines.


Tall ship, Gloria.

Tall Ship Review

Tall ship Gloria in San Diego with no sails set. 2008.

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  1. all the ship photos are lovely! i need to learn to use my camera, my pictures don't come out so well.


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