August 13, 2008

High Hill Cabin

Two versions of a cabin. Distance: above. Close-up: below. Above the green Vernal valley area lies a barren desert area. I was surprised to find one lone cabin sitting high on a hill above the valley.

Himself: Lost weight and began walking. (See, “Herself.”

Herself: Added a Diet Coke for two days. Added other diet products with predictable results. Tues: swim, home to house painters working, shower, blog, laundry, write, cook…and it was good. (I should post some of these recipes.) Meeting. Trader Joes……for addictive chocolate. Olympics.

Food: Using the WW Beta food tracker. Drag and drop works when things go in the wrong meal, but finding the delete button was a real chore. Not user friendly says G.

OD Friends: Please keep several of our OD friends in your thoughts: Marion B who is finishing the last of her book and waiting for a prognosis, Dave Dog, who is home again and feeling good, and Thomas. who is playing with his blood draws. Thank you.

Duck: Duck’s Flickr album: easily accessible.
G’s good shirts still fit way too tight. I still have a roll around my waistline. Gee, are we laughing at ourselves. Yes, I certainly hope so.

  • The ladies in the water aerobics class chatted about Olympic swimming and swimmers. All agreed that they preferred Speedos. Remember, all but one have grey hair here.

  • Finished the Comic-Con piece yesterday, or cut in the corrections. I’ll take it to class today. Maybe taking an old friend to class also today. She’s in a wheel chair now, and the question is can she climb up into Grumpy?

  • Speaking of Grumpy. Gas is almost down to three dollar something a gallon now. Grumpy’s gas tank is sitting on a quarter tank. It’s one of those gas tanks where the first half lasts forever and the second half vanishes in a day.

  • Disappointed that some of what I thought were log cabins turned out to be log sheds. I worked with some images that left me pleased.

  • Life is really one tablespoon of sugar per pot. That’s just enough to cut the acid but not enough to take the bitterness away. It’s a good thing I have G, isn’t it.


  1. love the pics. yes having g is wonderful, im sure :)

  2. love the pics. yes having g is wonderful, im sure :)


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