August 18, 2008

Keeping On....

Log cabin with tree. Continuing a showing of log and board cabins and barns seen in Utah, 2008.

Himself: Better. Walked a mile.

Herself: Another really good day. Sunshine. Sparkling green leaves. Marvelous stuff.

Food: We ate pancakes with butter and syrup/sugar for lunch, and we had chicken kabobs over rice all weight watcher approved but not just one or two points. We both lost 6 pounds this week, so we are doing something right.

OD Friends: Please keep OD friends Marion B, Dave Dog, and Thomas in your thoughts. Thank you.

Duck: Duck’s Flickr album: easily accessible.
I woke early and crept down to the Olympics and newspaper over my meager breakfast. The sun came out bouncing toward me between the green of the leaves.

I sat in my old fat chair and scattered mess around me. At one point I came back from an errant to realize that I had created a circular catastrophe. Sorting from sitting is easy, but there is a point where one needs to get up and put things away. My problem was that the downstairs bookcase is full. Very…with books hidden behind themselves, stacked sidewise, and laughing at me through their dust.

I understood. I’m so lazy. So allergic to the dust mite poo too.

So I watched a little Olympics. Rowing here, horses there….and wished there was still more variety. I moved books so more were put behind that first row, and dusted. The shelves wiped too. Perhaps I can find a way to display some of the interesting cookbooks when I am done.

Late in the day, I started reading The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. The Wikipedia article reminds me that it was a commercial success, is still in print, but was severely criticized as not well researched according to the rules of the time.

This book is heavy, and it’s not a small volume. When I go back to the eye doctor in December, I’m going to take it with me as an example of what I cannot see to read. Have you noticed that they sit you in a dark room to test your eyes? I come home to read in the sunshine with bright light too and cannot see without them. I wonder what I see at that doctor’s office. Yesterday, I struggled with the tiny print. I didn’t struggle with his anti Nazi bias though. I’m biased too. But it's well written. It's so well written that I couldn't put it down once I started.

Dinner was simple. I’m learning. Tons of veggies……high in fiber and low in calories. I used a marinade from the WW cookbook, and the chicken kabobs were winners. Going to a meeting was simple too. He walked. I drove down so he could have a ride home. I thought it would take him 15 minutes. It took him half an hour. This frightens me.

Keeping everything simple is the trick, but keeping on keeping on is also the trick. We skipped that last step this year.


  1. 6 pounds! good jobs!

  2. Boy, there is a reason for anti-Nazi bias... there is no neutral when it comes to such a subject. Glad to hear you are enjoying the book.

    Glad to hear you are sticking to your diet. Keep trying.

  3. I don't understand the bit about testing eyes in a dark room, either. Although, truth is I don't see so well light or dark. And I've memorized that damn chart.

    Glad to hear about the weight. Keep up the good work. Wish I could report the same thing.


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