August 3, 2008

A Photo Album

G and Duck, 1991.
Flickr Photo Album Set: Duck

OD Friends: Please keep several of our OD friends in your thoughts: Marion B, Dave Dog, who is home again, and Thomas. who is harassing the oysters. Thank you.

G: Mr. Shoptillyoudrop had a ball.

G’ette: Had a ball at an estate sale then at two thrift stores. Brought home measuring spoons, wood spoon, a couple of cook books, and a canvas shopping bag. Me, the big spender.

Weather: Fog, sunshine, humidity, fog later. Ya gotta smile.

Menus: Cheese sand out for lunch. Ugh! Ate at home for dinner, finally. Hamburger steak and salad. Deliciously simple.
”No one can open the Duck Snapfish album without signing in,” I told George. “Let’s see what your brother uses for his family photographs.”

I peeked, I followed links, and I decided to download it. He was using 3.5, and the freeware was 3.0. Whoops, somebody still has to host the album. Speaking of falling into the great unknown.

“Let’s try Flickr.”

It looked simple. I already have all sorts of Yahoo accounts, and once I got into Flickr I discovered I already had a Flickr account. Yes, I consolidated everything. No, I didn’t understand this…..G helped. No, I didn’t understand that……neither did G. Yes, I accepted, no I couldn’t find that because I couldn’t see it, and no, the bottom line, this was not a user friendly site.

There was G, constantly called to peer over my shoulder and help. He didn’t think the site was user friendly either, and I was being a cranky old lady about it all. Neither of us were happy.

We inched our way into downloading. Instantly we were thrown into a new vocabulary, new technology, and new everything. I became a cranky two year old. Five steps forward equaled three steps back. Eventually all the pictures were loaded. At least I didn’t lay on the floor and kick my feet on the floor.

“Halt!!!” You cannot do this, the site told me. I obviously didn’t understand that you had a limit here. You can only download so many pictures per month. Whoops. Not all Duck is Flickr’d now.

In the end, we decided that Photobucket has the best quality photos. Flickr is the home of the online experts, and you don’t have to sign in to use it. Snapfish is easiest to use. When it is working, of course.

G and Duck, 2008
Flickr Set: Duck


  1. I started on Flickr a few years ago, never suspecting that I would ever meet the limits. Now, I just pay the 50 dollars or so a year and don't have any limits at all. If your Duck album has a lot of photos, then it probably is best to keep the Photobucket. If, you do want to get beyond the Flickr tech talk, let me know and I teach you the five steps you need and you can work from there.

  2. I agree with you Flickr isn't the most user/friendly, but I'm slowly mastering it. Did you notice "My Flickr Photos" on the left sidebar of Wintersong? I paid $24.98 for my "pro" account; that allows me unlimited uploads plus as many collections and sets as I care to make for one year. To get my 13,000+ photos organized someplace besides my hard drive made it well worth it for a year for me. After that we'll see. As for what I put there this year, they'll stay as long as Flickr is in operation.


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