August 2, 2008

Problems? No Problem!!!

Oh, No, Mr. Jones……problems? We will fix that right away!!!

OD Friends: Please keep several of our OD friends in your thoughts: Marion B, Dave Dog, who is home again, and Thomas. who is harassing the oysters. Thank you.

G: It was Friday. He skipped his first ball game. Today a saunter through an estate sale near here.

G’ette: Had a delightful dinner at Felipe’s with Pete….who said he would send me a sheet of my blog typos to correct. Oh, he is looking good. A little crabby because he works with fools, but so very much better than a year ago.

Weather: Fog, sunshine, humidity, fog later. Ya gotta smile.

Menus: Antipasto, lasagna with a meet ball, and a diet coke.

DUCK: A Link to the Duck Photo Album.

Just for a fleeting moment yesterday, I was unable to get into my OD blog. The OD help desk informed me that my problems were because I was using a sitemeter. Anyone who was using IE could not reach my page, they told me.

I had stopped using the Sitemeter last month, but this morning I went back in to my old OS entries and deleted any coding on several months of old entries. Both G and I use IE as our browser both here and at work, and we have not had troubles getting to this page. Others report problems tho, and I don’t want problems at all. Later today I will go back into Blogger and remove the coding there too.

Speaking of OD. Oh, the surprise of it all. Delight. Two of my OD favorites showed up at the back room door delighting the heck out of me yesterday. He was handsome and grinning. She looked just like her pictures. All I could do was smile back and be sooooooo pleased to see them. I couldn’t exactly walk off the job and have lunch with them, darn it, but we will soon.

Gabrielle, of OD, also reports that unless you are signed in to the Snapfish album, you cannot view it. I was thinking of duplicating the album at Photobucket, but I believe you must sign in there also. I will see if I can find a way where anyone can see the Duck pictures if they so wish.

Speaking of Duck. One of his best friends daughters sent us a lovely bouquet of flowers yesterday. We were more than surprised.

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  1. A rare day indeed when something works that didn't work without having to aggressively exert energy to overcome the problem.


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