August 5, 2008


Grumpy and Mrs. Roundy visiting J and K at the beach house. 2005.

G: A second person was assigned to the special team. G says everyone is stalling about coming to work because at times it can be deadly boring.

G’ette: I didn’t do anything of any importance except feel guilty about doing nothing of any importance.

Weather: Fogs, sunshine, and fog again. We are not having a clear, bright year at the beach at all.

Menus: Homemade pancakes. Oh, they were delicious.

Travels: We leave Friday at 0400 for Vernal, Utah and return Sunday.

OD Friends: Please keep several of our OD friends in your thoughts: Marion B, Dave Dog, who is home again, and Thomas. who is harassing the oysters. Thank you.

Duck: Duck’s Flickr album: easily accessible.
  • I’m turning into a huffing puffing large lump of clay. I’m very unimpressed with my bodies rapid downward slide. I confess that I have been truly reluctant to use the bike after my terrifying fall over it into the upstairs bookcase. COPD calls if I don’t get off my fanny and get moving. Frankly, it’s a matter of, “Get over it” with the bike and get on it. Today is the day.

  • Projects……I’ve begun on the four page piece about the History of Comic-Con. The sewing machine sits next to the computer. She says looking around, “I don’t think I have anything else started right now….except the open suitcase.

  • Insanity is……I did call for a price on that charming house up a bit from us on the Point. It’s all one level tho there is a ramp up to the back work house and garage. Very architect designed, 1950s, and it would suit us to a T. The realtor was on a very hard to hear cell phone. $918,000 so threw me that I didn’t even leave a name or number. G and I thought it would be in the 600’s. I want the house, but the price is for the land. The next buyer will level the houses and garage flat. What a great sadness.

  • More insanity is…….Bee’s nurse sister, Glenda, and her husband are actually taking a vacation. He died last year after a massive heart attack and was resuscitated by Scripps Hospital’s best. Their mother with alzheimers is at home with youngest, nonfunctional brother doing the home care with the assistance of a nurse two days a week. The father is back in the hospital from the skilled nursing facility as he won’t do anything they want him to. Bee and her husband were down from LA taking care of things yesterday. Everyone is angry at everyone. Brothers and sisters aren’t speaking to siblings. The parents are yelling at each other when they remember who they are yelling at. It won’t end with death either.

  • Delight……Grumpy and I ran little errands out there in the sunshiny world yesterday. I got a three ounce bottle for hand lotion. A flimsy thing. I bought a 99 cent toothbrush holder too. I had one of those things when I went away to camp in the 1950’s. That time it had ridges; this time it has a swoop molded into the plastic. I only wore one of my compression stockings, and spent the day with a swollen leg hating compression stockings. I am not wearing them in 90 degrees at the wedding. That’s me having a small fit.

  • My shin………almost fully healed at last. Washing it and changing the gauze twice a day was the trick. Once I started doing that, within a week I got my shin back. I’ll be able to go in the pool when we get back next week. Very exciting stuff that.

    Progress on all fronts, come to think of it

A Brief History of Comic-Con


  1. You'll have a great time I know! By the way, I see in the photograph that you wear (or at least wore) Birkenstocks?! They're great, aren't they? As for weight gains, I think it's already spelled out in our DNA. Look at your parents and that's probably what you're destined to look like, one or the other one. Luckily for me I took to my father's side for weight. It comes on slowly, so as long as I don't go crazy with drinking too many caloric-laden milkshakes like I did yesterday (and the scale recorded the 1 pound gain this morning!), I should be "pleasantly plump" by the time I go to my grave. Cross your fingers for me! And I will for you. Have fun on your trip! And wave!

  2. I agree with Alice on the body form being modeled after one of your parents. After a lifetime of being a vegetarian and doing lots of exercise, all of a sudden I've turned into my grandmother and mother. Still, it probably is possible to regulate the extent to which you expand. So, all the best of luck back on the bicycle.


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