August 29, 2008

A Smashing Kind of Day

On the bow of the Gloria, August 2008.

Himself: Walked the long way to a board meeting.

Herself: Met the Thursday group at Nati’s only to find Nati’s closed. I handed out flying hugs then departed to get smashed at the mammogram place. “This is digital now. It sees more. Expect call backs with your history,” the tech told me. “I don’t want any call backs,” I told her. Telling her, of course, won’t do any good. Woke at three this morning. Got up at 4. Baseball tonight.

Food: Points after dinner again. Not good. Baseball food tonight. Nine points plus two cookies.

  • The complex: The foreclosures are happening here now, and I feel so sorry for those folks in over their heads, whose businesses crashed in the recession, or who drank away their inheritances. The banks are taking over four units. The gardeners find themselves in over their heads too. Ivy is growing up buildings, weeds are a foot tall, and no edging gets done anywhere. At least we got painted within our budget tho we haven’t figured out how the contractor made any money.

  • At OD, the site is down having been hacked and slashed. The “Diarymaster” says the authorities have been contacted, that my password is one that was hacked, and an underground network of OD diarists have begun an email list. I need to change “all” my passwords. This is going to be quite an exercise, and I hope G will help since I can’t figure out how to do it.

  • Speaking of friends. My writing friend MarionB sent her spare and beautifully crafted book off to the publisher yesterday. Imagine. One now just pushes a button and off it goes. They celebrated at an OB dining spot yesterday with lunch and no sugar lemon meringue pie……..Marion loves this pie.

  • It’s repair time around here. Not only do I need to do emergency surgery on my passwords, I need to do slipcover repair. The white slipcover on the sofa has sprung not one leak, but several. I took my heavy duty machine down to the living room yesterday, and finally late in the day figured out which seams to open to reduce the stress on the whole. I’m making this very expensive slipcover resemble a mom made one with ties at the back and that should save five hundred bucks. After ten years of washing, I confess that it has shrunk a bit. Now I have to pick up tie fabric after working at the Cancer Society today. Joanne’s Fabric is right across the parking lot.

  • A small thing, but my Blogger buttons finally began working again. One day they didn’t push, today they did. It is a luxury not to struggle with techie stuff.

  • Marie is coming our way tomorrow. Her financial aid check hasn’t arrived for her art supplies. We said that if she could get here, we would take her to the art store downtown and pay for them. That way, she will be able to start class with what she needs. She will pay us back later. She’s bringing a three year old, a lap top….as we need to update her security stuff, kid bag, and child car seat with her. First on a bus, then the north county light rail…Sprinter, then the light rail south….the Coaster with all this stuff in her hands. She’s brave but willing to go to any length. At last. We will upgrade her laptop security and take her home.


  1. I do hope OD gets back up and running soon. I don't think many are going to post here. We can tackle the passwords this weekend!
    Muchas Smuchas
    Yer Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. Seems life and all its craziness is back in your household door. Hope things work out with OD.


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