August 31, 2008

A Sofa Kind of Day

Ties right there on the back corners of that sofa.

Himself: Computer stuff got him down. Very happy now. Imagine, no plans for the day.

Herself: See’s that there is nothing in the appointment book for the day. Imagine. Tomorrow is the birthday of the grandmother I never knew. Labor Day was always a traditional picnic time, and I understand she used to complain about having to labor so hard on Labor Day.

School Stuff: Shopping without g'kid as MA came down with a cold. We also went up and got Marie when we found out that busses and trains were running once an hour. We did find the morning paper mentions that churches offer scholarships, and Beth belongs to a big church.

Food: Saturday: Carrots for breakfast. Pancakes (extra butter) and eggs for lunch, dinner a taco salad……lots of lettuce. No deserts.

  • Himself spent hours trying to get all three computers to recognize each other yesterday. The new modem/router has different static IP address. To the outside world, we look like one computer. He discovered that each computer wouldn’t recognize the other, and after a long struggle entered the IP addresses by hand. “WE” are gloriously online again, and at the speed of light…something we had been missing. We can send email again. What joy in the old house last night. More joy this morning.

  • Bathing suits. Ross Dress for Less bathing suits don’t work. Why? They sit in a factory for months, in a store for months, and if not sold, in storage up to two some years. They are then sold to Ross and sit in a warehouse for another year. By the time someone like me gets one of their suits, it lasts only a month or so. After about three uses, my nice black, nine dollar, workout suit is going baggy. I’d had hopes.

    Tar-jay has a new load of suits in the local store, and one thing I’m off to do today is stop in and see if any are on sale. It is “Labor Day” in the land of Labor Day Sales.

  • Now that all the emergencies, of the moment, are well in hand, and the daughter is ready with art supplies, I can go back to dealing with my own sofa crisis.

    What, you ask?

    My sofa cover is smaller than my sofa. It’s white. I wash it. It shrinks. Simple stuff. Stretching to fit pops seams and zippers. That kind of shabby chic isn’t quite my style. At first I thought I could sew the rips then put a gusset in the middle of the back. No one sees the back. But that wouldn’t relieve the stress across the front….where two corners have popped.

    Didn’t you want to know this?

    Instead I’m first going to mend the seam breaks and then rip out the two rear end seams….top to bottom. Not only will that relieve the stress all four ways, tho it will still be tight across the bottom front, but I can close the seams with a little dignity. If JFK could have his rocking chair slipcovers tied on, I can have ties on my sofa cover.

  • Somewhere in here, I owe you all notes. I’ll get there. Thanks for stopping by. I owe explanations too:

    Passwords: 15 changed as of this morning. Fifteen different sites I visit that need passwords. From to Snapfish, they all want me to sign in to use their services and get their tracking cookies. I must consistently disappoint them as I am not a frequent flyer. G visits sites that don’t need passwords. Then again, his sites need money.

  • I love bullets.

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  1. Isn't DSL connection a dream? There are so many podcasts and videocasts that I see now that we have this connection.

    Had to laugh about your description of baggy bathing suits. It is hard enough to find one that fits, let alone for it to mutiny after three wears.


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