August 7, 2008

Utah Bound

The delightful duo, 2005.

Us: We are only going to be gone three days, so he has done nothing. I’m ready.

Travels: We leave Friday at 0600 for Vernal, Utah and return Sunday night around 11ish.

OD Friends: Please keep several of our OD friends in your thoughts: Marion B, Dave Dog, who is home again, and Thomas. who is playing with his oysters. Thank you.

Duck: Duck’s Flickr album: easily accessible.
We are only going for three days. We always overpack. Two truisms.

“Well, I’m taking a pair of shorts, a pair of khakis, and a comfortable pair of levis,” he told me.

He didn’t mention his suit. We are taking one suitcase, and I am wondering if he is wearing all of that. At once. I did keep a straight face tho. And too, shame on me, I’ve been attempting to temper the most dramatic, read worst, of the baggy, cargo shorts he’s bringing. I’m attempting to mitigate my own tendency to pack two outfits for every day also. I’m taking one pair of pants and three t-shirts. Since I am prone to getting some of every meal down my front, that’s only three meals worth of T-shirts. I should take napkins too.

We are both very pleased about our start time. We had forgotten that the pre-before dawn flight was full and we are leaving out of the early morning flight instead. A gift from the gods. We are using a park and ride for the first time. Eleven dollars a day vs forty bucks plus tip for a cab. The park and ride is two miles from the house, and if our car is still there when we get home, I’ll count it a success.

So today: hair, lunch with the poets and reading the Comic-Con bit, leftovers for dinner, pack G, and snore.

So tomorrow: Outta here. We will be back pictures in hand.

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