August 20, 2008

Wedding Moments 2

The mother and father of the bride. Photos, Jay G. August 2008.

Himself: Better. Not a grump in sight either.

Herself: Got rid of books, imagine that. Found a way to display some of the old cooking pamphlets too.

Food: I was hungry all day.

OD Friends: Please keep OD friends Marion B, Dave Dog, and Thomas in your thoughts. Thank you.

Duck: Duck’s Flickr album: easily accessible.

Yes, the wedding party made it undercover…..slightly damp.

Niece and Grand niece, and the ants. “There’s The Ants,” could be heard by The Nephews.

Sisters at the wedding and at the reception.

Before and after. I’m afraid that I’m responsible for the cookies stuck with whipped cream to the trunk lid. We found this whole experience delightful, and we are so glad we went.

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