September 3, 2008

Urban Trees II

Sally in Greece this summer just before she lost her hat. 2008.

Himself: Worked, walked and kept me company.

Herself: Depressed all day. Swam, wrote, read, put dinner together. And too, can you see the photographs from Snapfish? I find using other photohost services difficult as my computer is old and cranky. Please let me know.

Food: Ate over it.
The neighborhood is jammed with mom’s and dad’s dropping kids off at school. The sidewalks are filled with students starting the new school year…..high school and middle school. They talk, text, talk, and move through life as if they are going to live forever. I dodged the unwary and made it to the pool on time.

Just as I got home, the imagine center called. I’m to come back for more mammograms and ultrasound. This news never makes me happy. Even when I am forewarned, this triggers depression because of the cancer history in my family and because of my best friend Joleen’s death of breast cancer.

I confess they call me back more often than not, but I am still not happy.

I leave you with a few more trees.

Port of San Diego, Urban Trees. With links to five years of trees.

Ramble On

A Day in the Life

Tailwalking Suncatcher

Trimming the Tree. Photos G, 2008.


  1. Dear Mage,
    Live in the moment and don't anticipate trouble. There is always time later to do the worrying. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  2. I'd suggest turning on your denial dial... I'll send my prayers that all is well.

  3. My fingers are crossed for you too, Mage! I do my toes too except for the arthritis. And whoever Sally in Greece is, she's certainly pretty. And I'm sure she was just as pretty without a hat.

  4. I will send postive thoughts and prayers your way.


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