September 28, 2008


Façade of SP Station, SAC, Copyright G and M, 2008.

Himself: Bought a TV at Costco, and rearranged the bedroom. Later, we closely watched a movie from bed.

Herself: Had just pointed out how much closer we were when we lounged in bed. It worked. Now have to put away all stuff out of place from the rearranging and the trip. Managed to lose the appointment book while rearranging. Know I have two doctor’s appointments plus Bee. It’s a must find, and he found it on the back seat of the car.

Food: We seem to be back to normal with foods, so now it is back to WW.
The Southern Pacific Railroad Station was right across the street from our most delightful motel in the old Chinatown area.

Top: Façade detail. Bottom: Roof elevations.

Top: Parking the car. “How does this work?” Bottom: Waiting room ceiling with boarded up doors at the ends.

I discovered with great joy that there was a WPA era mural on one of the main interior walls. It romanticizes the start of the Transcontinental Railway in a most politically correct style and manner en re 1938. I was absolutely delighted.

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