September 28, 2008

Imaginations, Sept 27

Side of SP Engine 4294, 2008.

Himself: Said his goal was to go to the school open house, buy a TV, and go to dinner with the P2’s. We have done all but dinner which is to be Thai with the P2’s.

Herself: This is the first day I’ve felt well since day two of the trip. Ate donuts at Mohave’s school open house, and a hot dog at Costco. Imagine.

Food: After several days of eating little, we are both feeling we can maybe deal with food again.
Road trips agree with our souls. Both of us wave our cameras with great energy and enthusiasm and talk endlessly fascinated by the things around us. Such city persons we are. This trip, tho much of what our eyes saw was man made, we also found ourselves far out into the hinterlands letting the quiet creep into our corners.

Left: Under restoration. Right: In operation.

In the museum but without all the parts it needs to operate.

The first day we spent our time at the State of California Railway Museum. These first photographs are of the 4294, a cab forward steam engine used for a short time by the Southern Pacific.

Left: G in engineers seat. Middle: Controls. Right: Fire plate and door.

There was a little while to sit by the river also and watch a bridge turn to let a tourist boat into the lower river.

Sacramento River bridge open.

There was time to hold hands on an upper deck of the Delta King.

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  1. Love your pictures of the trains. It looks so much more romantic than that miserable train I take from New York to Pittsburgh. Much as I love the old trains I don't yearn for the past. What I want is the Japanese bullet train--the trip would be 2 1/2 hours.


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