September 30, 2008

The Magic of Trees

Tree covered street, Copyright G and M, 2008.

Himself: Found himself still employed and discovered that nothing much happened while he was gone. Hurrah.

Herself: Finished bedroom, (white chair moldy….did I say that), then started on the pile moved from bedroom to computer room. I decided to sort out Duck’s paperwork and clear one shelf off. A whole life reduced to four folders and one photo album. No swimming this morning as my truck is still in the shop….new hose for leaking hose is still in LA.

Food: My stomach still not ok, but we are back to WW. Simplicity is what I need. Green beans, toast lunch, and salad for dinner. I feel pretty good.

Vacation Day 3: Found gas on day 2 deep into the old houses and giant trees. Morning 3, we started off for Comptche at a lazy hour, and after a one egg breakfast in Williams among the giant, glass encased Polar Bears, we toodled down a twisty, windey, tree-grass-barn lined road to Kay and Dan’s house in the woods. More trees.
Midday that second day in Sacramento, we set out to follow vague instructions to a gas station.

“I don’t have a car, but I know a gas station is over that way,” said the desk clerk gesturing toward the east.

There had been one, we discovered, but now it was under restoration. We kept going and found ourselves lost among tree covered streets and green lawns. I kept exclaiming, “Look at the trees,” like any four year old raised in the desert amazed by the depth of the greens, the size of the trees in the inner city.

I was knocked over by the lushness and the greens. My home town is brown with water rationing.

Top: Confucius center courtyard with a statue to Sun Yat Sen. Courtyard. Statue dedication. Confucius center. Every morning I saw someone doing Tai Chi. Our motel was in the heart of the old Chinatown, and a worker there said few used the center any more.

Much to my joy, there were miles of tilled fields to greet us once we got back on the road. Elevated roads over the flood plains. New to me….the bridged adaptations to flooding surprised and interested me. Dramatic rolling hills and rolling roads too. Eventually the trees found us.

Left: Bridge. Right: Endless fields. What a beautiful part of our country.

The coolness of trees.

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