September 18, 2008

Riding the G Train

Vacation 2008 with links:

Steam in 1999. All images taken with a 2 pixel camera. Copyright M and G, 1999-2000.

Himself: Yesterday he turned on the music, cranked up the SAD light, and resolutely put up with me. Poor guy. Today is his Friday, and he is almost packed. We leave well before dawn tomorrow. He’s begun making decisions. No big cooler this trip, instead the small one for cold drinks.

Herself: Wednesday: School, got rides both ways, laundered, packed, picked up Grumpy and marveled at how smoothly he drives, ate breakfast for dinner at Denny’s. MK gave me all the latest ephemera from her San Francisco Trip, and I found volumes of maps. Thursday: swim, finish packing, clean refrigerator, eat out with Pete.

Food: Bread and butter, half a no-fat cheese sandwich with sundry cookies at school, and breakfast for dinner at Denny’s whose manager says business is down dramatically but they are still making a profit.
We will be starting out drive up to Sacramento before dawn tomorrow, Friday morning. A sleazy motel room waits for us almost across the street from the California State Railway Museum. We will be spend the day there on Saturday. We will end the day by having dinner with an old OD friend who hasn’t blogged much anywhere this last year.

Kay and her barn, the caption says. 1999.

Sunday we are driving over to Comptche and spending a day and a half with my old college friend, Kay, and her husband Dan. She and her husband will be riding the Skunk Train with us on Monday. I’m so looking forward to seeing both of them and hearing all the news. I miss Kay’s sister too. Kay and I have proved terrible correspondents these last years, and now that their mother has moved north, we never see them. I miss them.

Huge redwoods in Northern California. 1999.

Tuesday morning we head off to the big city, San Francisco. We both want to ride light rail of all sorts, perhaps hit the Asian Exhibit downtown, descend on the Ross downtown too for better winter stuff, and have dinner out somewhere fun but not too expensive. We will be here using the laptop when we can find Wi-Fi. We will do better with images too. Last time we were there, we had a 2 pixel camera. This time we come armed with a 6 pixel and a 12 pixel both with image stabilization.

Most importantly, we will relax, we will let the money woes and worries go just for this week, and we will make it fun while not taking ourselves too seriously…..for we are not a glum lot. Not at all.

Fort Point under the Golden Gate Bridge, 1999.


California State Railway Museum

Comptche California

Mendocino's Gallery Bookstore and Bookwinkle's Children's Books: With a camera on the ocean that updates every 10 seconds

Firefighters Save Historic Building

BART: Bay Area Rapid Transit

San Francisco MUNI: Cable cars, buses, trolley’s, street car, and light rail.

Official Visitor’s site for San Francisco: With a great slideshow

Asian Art Museum

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