September 28, 2008

Road Trip End, Sept 26

G at front of the SAC Railroad Station, 2008.

Himself: Yesterday he turned on the music, cranked up the SAD light, and resolutely put up with me. Poor guy. Today is his Friday, and he is almost packed. We leave well before dawn tomorrow. He’s begun making decisions. No big cooler this trip, instead the small one for cold drinks.

Herself: Wednesday: School, got rides both ways, laundered, packed, picked up Grumpy and marveled at how smoothly he drives, ate breakfast for dinner at Denny’s. MK gave me all the latest ephemera from her San Francisco Trip, and I found volumes of maps. Thursday: swim, finish packing, clean refrigerator, eat out with Pete.

Food: Bread and butter, half a no-fat cheese sandwich with sundry cookies at school, and breakfast for dinner at Denny’s whose manager says business is down dramatically but they are still making a profit.

Wrote it and managed to lose it all. More tomorrow.

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  1. Don't you hate when that happens! Looking forward to your telling of the road trip.


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