September 17, 2008


………..or twitters, orts, fragments…….

Packing: For two people = two suitcases, two backpacks, one bag with pillows, and the laptop.

Himself: Counting the days. He has announced that he doesn’t want to get dressed up….as in suit.

Herself: Ate lunch and had trouble staying awake. Began laying out stuff to pack. Taking only semi-dressy stuff for the “City.”

2008 Vacation: We will be driving up to Sacramento Friday, touring the California State Railway Museum Saturday, and topping off the day by having dinner with an old OD friend. Sunday we are driving over to Comptche and spending a day and a half with an old college friend from the sixties. She and her husband will be riding the Skunk Train with us on Monday. Tuesday morning we head off to the big city, San Francisco. I want to ride light rail of all sorts and have dinner out somewhere fun but not too expensive. He, I am sure, will let me know what he wants to do in due time. We will be here if we can find Wi-Fi.

Food: Green beans, chicken salad and crackers, and dinner out. Hurrah.
  • Why not clean out the stuff, however wonderful, that you haven’t worn in the last two years? So as I chose clothes to take with us to the heat in Sacramento (85/52), the chill on the Northern California coastline (69/45), and the grey in the city (61/53), I did the old, “have I worn this” routine. There seemed to be vastly more hangers than discards when I was finished.

  • Wikipedia says that, “Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows its users to send and read other users' updates (otherwise known as tweets), which are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length.” Wiki also defines micro-blogging as, “Micro-blogging is a form of blogging that allows users to write brief text updates (usually 140 characters) and publish them.” I was going to twitter a bit today while moving stuff hither and yon. Instead I will be doing Grumpy stuff after school. So thoughts of twittering are abandoned. Darn.

  • So Grumpy was in the alarm shop all day, and at six we arrived to pick him up only to find one circuit wouldn’t complete so the new security system would work. G dived in to help, and while pushing a button had it turn to old age on him. Crumble. To bits. Grumpy stayed the night, and they are ordering a new door switch. I am to call when I get out of school this morning. I tried to pass it off on him, but he ended up uncharacteristically frustrated with me…..”Why won’t you call,” and I devolving into a two year old, “I don’t call anyone.” Obviously I am trying to avoid another three hour bus ride.

  • Dinner out today. Dinner with Pete tomorrow…that will be a delight. After that, dinner on the road. That will even be better unless we keep devolving.

  • Are whitters people places or things? “Printed class stuff, heading now for the showers.” Things….46 characters. I should go actually see what a whitter actually is before I leave for class. Before I shower. Before time devolves.

  • Email: Or.......I am just home from class.........
    the news is that Marion got approved for the golden ball treatment, and
    the part is in for the truck. It will be ready by the time you pick me
    up after getting the cleaning.

    I've found the maps, found the last box of gallon zip locks, and am on
    the second load of laundry.

    You really wanted to know all that, didn't you........

    Hugs yer

  • Way Cool! ............ You made real good time. I hope you were able to
    hitch a ride and avoid mass transit.

    Yes, I will pick up the cleaning on my way home. :)

    Yer Me2

  • Himself is still not happy about the job. Everyone, he tells me, is living on the edge. No one believes that their jobs will still be there tomorrow. G said to me That he's "thinking." That he's anticipating going on vacation and coming home to no job. One day he resembled the old him, but today its as if he were a block of granite.

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  1. A friend took me to a rehabilitation/spa/public swimming facilities today, that were fantastic.

    The swimming pool has warm jod salt water. There are all sorts of water massage pools. Three different types of sauna (Finnish 90 degrees C, Bio 60 degrees C, and Turkish steam), and all sort of other stuff that we didn't have time to explore.

    I came out of our two hour stint feeling completely rejuvenated. Was thinking how you and your hip would enjoy it as well.


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