September 2, 2008

Urban Trees 1

His Tree of Surfboards” is made totally from old surfboards. The leaves are jointed and move in the wind. Photos: G, 2008.

Himself: Put up with being dragged off to the embarcadero instead of spending the whole day playing with his computer. Lost a pound.

Herself: Walked. Still not good at climbing ladders. Gained a pound.

Food: Had a cookie on the ship. Craving sugars.
It’s going to be one of those fly-by entries. I’m off to the pool, off to the showers, then off to the Cancer Society Thrift Store to help with their inventory.

I’ll be back later today, but until then, here are some of this year’s Port District Urban Trees…..if I can get them to load. Snapfish is down. Photobucket is cranky. I don’t think this batch as inventive as last year’s. Perhaps not as colorful. Still they enliven the harbor’s edge, and they might amuse you too. More tomorrow.

Stairway to Heaven. Enameled stairs on a central stem.

Blessing Tree, G had a long wait until the clot of Japanese tourists were don’t taking pictures of this tree.

Californiascope. This is probably the most inventive yet least tree like. It’s a “steampunk,” (and you can look that up), kaleidoscope and is delightfully magic. Very “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”-ish.

My Bike, and everything rotates in the winds. Delightful moving sculpture but doesn’t push the envelope any.


  1. yeah for snapfish being down, I can see all the photos! I love the urban trees. The look like they would bring smiles to passing pedestrians.

  2. Folks........tell me. If I use snapfish, are the photos not visable? Help.

  3. Men! They seem to much more easily shed pounds than women! Not fair. But you just have to quit finding the pounds he looses. If you figure out how, let me know.

    btw, all the pictures seem fine on this end. Loved the trees.

  4. wonderful trees! love them. where is the exhibit?


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