September 4, 2008

Urban Trees III

G on the fantail of the Midway. (And I forgot to tell you who Sally was yesterday. She’s the granddaughter who is growing up in Spain.) 2008.

Himself: Worked, walked, and shopped. What more could one want.

Herself: Was able to help someone else, and selfishly can say that it helped me keep my mind off me. Held hands with himself later.

Food: Ate over it, and ate dinner at Costco.
”Hey. How was your day.”

“I’m still employed.”

It took me a while, but eventually he told me what “new” things were happening at work. They aren’t posting pay stubs today. Reason? Because they are issuing extra checks. Extra checks mean severance pay.

We ate lightly at Costco, then we spent our obligatory hundred bucks on necessities like toilet paper, canned veggies that we can eat for breakfast, bread for lunches and dinners. When we came home, we re-upped all the meds that we could by their subscribe dates. Now we have at least three months of bottom-line-things in the house.

I rewrote that 101 word essay one more time and will take it to the Thursday lunch. From there, it’s go get smashed and ultrasounded aware that I should apply for Medicare asap. Just in case. I’ll look into that this morning.

Port of San Diego, Urban Trees. With links to five years of trees.

Two Tiers


School of Blue Bottle Nose’s

Close-up of the Blue Bottle Noses. Photos G, 2008.


  1. Thanks for the pictures of the trees. They're really great.

  2. wait did i miss something here? severance?

  3. What is there about blue bottles? I love them.


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