September 6, 2008

Urban Trees V

Geomrtree. All photos Copyright by G, 2008.

Himself: Went to his old Friday night meeting.

Herself: Swam, volunteered, read, ate salad by the bay.

Food: We both did very well.
  • ”Hey. How was your day,” I asked.

    “I’m still employed tho it was very surrealistic around here.”

    We will take that mantra and run with it.

  • Pete emailed yesterday that he was employee of the month at Petco Park. They couldn’t have picked anybody better. Hurrah!!! He likes G’s photos of the Urban Trees so much that he’s going down today to look at them. Me….so very pleased for him. It isn’t easy being in your fifties and working for a company that hires teens, but he’s good.

  • Equanimous turned me on to Free Rice yesterday, and after checking it out on Snopes, I had a ball donating rice to the UN. I did mediocre with the word definitions, but I was a winner with the art….most of the time. My downfall was the obscure French Impressionists. Try it, you’ll love it.

  • My daughter hearing that G might be laid off asked her boss if there was a job for G there. “I’d hire him in a minute,” said the boss. I cannot imagine G going back to work for that company even for the bennies.

  • I mislaid my key for my gym locker. We searched everywhere. Up and down. Not here. Even in the truck. Not here. I asked at the Y. “Oh yes, we have it.” After a long search, even with a note attached, they had lost it.

  • A woman came in to the Cancer Society Thrift Store, spotted a pair of pants she wanted on the half price rack then she went in to the wig room and had a wig fitted first. When she came out, the half price rack was gone. One of the ladies from the front brought her back to the sorting room. Not on my half priced rack. At the other side of the room, the sorter there started to object until she heard the word “wig.” Not on her first rack. Nor on the second, but she recognized other clothes in a trash bag. No pants. They allowed her to go out to the “Father Joe” pile….he’s the St. Vincent DePaul center and stuff goes to help the homeless. Again, that wig gave her passage. There in the very first of over fifty bags was the pair of pants she wanted. A little triumph for the day.

  • We continue to live “as if.” G’s putting the Toyota, Myrtle, into the shop this morning to be gone over, to have her hoses, belts, clamps, tires, and fluids checked for the trip. The suitcases are out but not upstairs yet. No one called me yesterday, so my breasts appear to have passed muster for another year. That’s the big one. My yearly physical is scheduled for the 15th, and we leave for the north on the 19th to return on the 25th. We will be taking the laptop, so there may be some pictures, or not, as we travel. We will make sure that OD can recognize the laptop before we go too.

  • I’m being overly reactive about anything to do with any loss of security. I’m holding up better than usual, G reported yesterday, but that was before I began bouncing off the walls this morning.

Port of San Diego, Urban Trees. With links to five years of trees.

Spiral Voyage

Tree Hugger: A person with their arms extended to hug balanced on a beam. It’s not clear from this angle.

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