September 7, 2008

Urban Trees VI...And other things from a perfect day

Fire Blossom Tree. All photos Copyright by G, 2008.

Himself: Putting up with me.

Herself: Very bossy. I needed to change my thinking so did a meeting before the movie.

Food: He did very well; I did M&M’s with a movie.
We often go to local estate sales on Saturday mornings. I look for interesting cookbooks or fabrics or kitchen goodies, and his eyes are out for whatever catches his eyes…..hidden treasures.

Always I keep an eye out for Mixmaster bowls….the small white ones. We found a nice Mixer for eldest daughter, Marie, but it only had one bowl….the big one. She’s looking forward to using it to make birthday cakes for her fellow recovering alcoholics. Cakes and candles on a sobriety cake can sometimes mean more than a belly button birthday cake. I’ve been looking for a small bowl for a long time now….and for under twenty bucks too.

Yesterday out in the perfection of a sunny day, I found one….perhaps forgotten in the midst of more than plenty at a collector’s home. Four bucks. I treated it as if it were Lalique…cushioned it carefully all the way home.

“You goona look at the new mixer today? What does it need?” I asked the mixer rebuilder.

“Yeah, it needs lookin’ at. A new cord. Grease. I’ll have to stop by OB Hardware and get one.”

So today, first we brave traffic to the Friars Road Ikea on a day there’s a Charger game on Friar’s Road to get G a new pillow. Hero’s need to be comfortable. Later we will stop by OB Hardware for a cord so a woman starting her life over can make cakes for other folks starting their lives over. Looks like a good balance to me.

Port of San Diego, Urban Trees. With links to five years of trees.

Air Filter

2x2 Makes 3

T is for Tree and for Other Things

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  1. Isn't it odd that such days, when nothing particularly exciting happens, that all seems well and you feel content with life? Glad to hear the sun is shining your way too.


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