September 8, 2008

Urban Trees VII

Flambay. All photos Copyright by G, 2008.

Himself: He didn’t lose any.

Herself: She didn’t either…..and with all the candy and eating out this week, it’s amazing we didn’t gain any. With all the exercise, she lost a size tho.

Cakes and estate sales: Belly button cakes are natal birthday cakes. Estate sales are just that…..sales of what ever is left of your estate after your death. We have been to three lately where the families left much behind: books at one, dishes at another, and this week, fabrics at a third.

Food: We ate out twice yesterday. Once at Phil’s BBQ….but we knew we wouldn’t lose weight eating at Phil’s and it was GOOD stuff.
  • I thought I would lighten up a few of the trees for easier viewing this morning, but my computer programs are doing what ever they want to do….not what I want them to do. It’s very frustrating to have Photoshop repeatedly save something as a file when you double and triple check that the image is marked as a JPG and that you are clicking on JPG. I haven’t exactly been pulling my hair out, but my wrist hurts from pushing on my mouse.

  • It took us several trips to find one, but we did get a cheapie bus pass for me so I can go downtown and sign up for Medicare. If G becomes jobless, I will still have medical care at the VA tho G will have nothing. Bee just signed her mom and dad up, so I know that she is a fount of all knowledge on this. And too, all our meds arrived Saturday, so we now have three months of everything in the house. As we get outsourced and older, we need to make sure all the bases are covered. Such somber thinking.

  • On a lighter note, we made it to IKEA, spent half an hour poking pillows for G, came home to discover that the pillow he picked hung a good foot over his side of the bed. We had a good laugh about that one.

  • Now what possessed him to buy a white slipcover for my chair too, I do not know. He loves the IKEA “as is” space. That’s probably part of it. He was digging in the fabric bin when I came up with the bottom half of a footstool slipcover in white. (You really wanted to know all this, didn’t you.) For $3.50 I grabbed it. Ours has a bad stain on one side.

    He kept digging, dug out the chair cover and one cushion cover that sort of might fit my chair, and got home to discover my chair has two cushions. He drove all the way back to get another cushion. Mind you, this cover was designed for a far, far, different chair. Then again, I can sew and alter things. This 15 buck, piecemeal slipcover needs to be taken in four places and have two gussets added to make it a 500 dollar slip cover.

Port of San Diego, Urban Trees. With links to five years of trees.

Lean On Me.

Lean On Me: detail of the glass flames.

Riskworks Break-Dancers


  1. The trees look wonderful on my Mac. Every monitor is different. Have you tried using "Save for Web" in Photoshop? That should give you a jpg.

  2. Oh, dear Ruthe, I tried everything. It's probably something with my computer. I'm hoping G can figure it out tonight.

    I tried everything this morning too. I'm going swimming instead of grinding my teeth. :)


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