September 1, 2008


Arrival of the USS Midway at her final berth, January 10, 2004.

Himself: Installed new HD on his, but it won’t load 32 bit XP on his 64 bit Vista. He’s not happy. Then again, he loves this sort of stuff, so somewhere in all that grumbling, he really is happy.

Herself: Slowly got the living room slipcovers cleaned, mended, and back on. They fit. Today I need to finish things. Wrote 101 word short story.

Food: I ate buttered bread for breakfast. G is still loosing weight.
We are going to wander a bit today. Somewhere in here, I’m going to add the ties to the sofa and mend the two tiny seams I forgot to mend yesterday. Such plebian stuff, but needing to get done before or after wandering.

G wants to take pictures of the new “trees” along the embarcadero. Every year the Port District commissions new artworks that live in containers along the waterfront. Sometimes these “trees” are humorous, like the shoe tree, other times they are stunning. We’ve become part of the audience that comes downtown just to see the trees.

Left: Steampunk, kaleidoscope tree. Right: Chrome new moon.

I want to stop in at the Midway. It’s been a long time since we have been there. G’s plugged in to the October orientation aboard the Midway. He’s been assigned to “Security”….I think that so funny. He wanted to work parts or construction but was put where he was needed.

Perhaps too, I can pick up a bus pass today. We seem to be taking the trolley more and driving less these days.

Actual crewmembers who served aboard the Midway during her long career help tie her up for the final time. 2004.

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