October 22, 2008


Pre-airconditioning. They slid blocks of ice in these ice boxes under the cars and blew air across them to cool the cars. Photos Copyright M&G 2008.

Himself: Still cleaning up early programming. How he stays awake, I don’t know.

Herself: Swam. Quilted. This included reworking one block three times and having G point out that I used one solid three times in a row. He did use the word “bland” tho he denies it. Today taking MK to class and to a lecture.

Food: Peas. Half a cheese sand with ¾ a sweet pickle. Quiche, roasted asparagus from Peru with spinach salad.
The world outside my windows was softened by the grey of fogs the last few mornings. I was surprised to find the pool was also letting soft tendrils out into the world off the surface of the water. I swam among them as if I were a giant water fairy delighting in the magic of the moment.

Then home to struggle with my recalcitrant brain. Just like the day before when I couldn’t figure out how to get two screws screwed together, this day I couldn’t figure out how to put a quilt block together. Eventually I got the top mostly together….blocks with stars alternating with solids which I will fill with quilting. Maybe I should do planets to alternate with the star blocks.

My tongue gets stuck in my cheek again. I have to watch out for that.

Later, before heading to get cheap plastic baskets for under the newly repaired downstairs bathroom sink, I asked G if he had called our travel agent yet. Nope, he’d forgotten. Yes, he did it right then and there making tentative plans to travel to Alaska next year. There is a repositioning from San Diego that will take us all the way to Skagway in May at under one hundred dollars a day. Gee, will I have to have more than one long dress for my eleven days on board? I’ll have to watch out for that too.

The rule of the day. Don’t take yourself so seriously. I can do that.

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