October 19, 2008

Bagged Again

Two old friends waiting at Point Cabrillo Light Station and Reserve. The men walked down to the lighthouse while the two of us talked. Kay’s been a special friend since the middle of the 1960’s. Photos Copyright M&G 2008.

Himself: It was HIS day yesterday. What fun he had. What fun we both had.

Herself: Stood and walked on that funky knee a bit too much yesterday. Is bursitis what my grandfather called lumbago? I wonder.

Food: Toast, cheeseburger and fries, then for dinner G’s homemade pancakes and too much butter. Really good stuff.
We started out yesterday with a goal to make only three brief stops.

“Let’s stop at the Skyline Drive Amvets too,” he said.

“Oh no, that will take too much time.”

But at the first Amvets Thrift Store out in far away El Cajon, we found G a Hawaiian shirt with antique cars on it, he collects those, and I found him a coat. Not just any coat. I found one of those overly expensive, tongue in cheek, Disney Mickey Mouse coats that look like letterman coats. It’s a very, very funny coat, almost new denimish, and fits G perfectly. G loves Disneyland. It’s also the perfect coat for him to wear to baseball games this coming spring with a team that’s very Mickey Mouse….from National League Champs to National League worst in one season is quite an orchestrated accomplishment.

Buoyed by our finds, we did go to Amvets on Skyline where G found an anonymous almost new, medium brown purse-backpack, and an almost new black Coach backpack. Yes, those bells and whistles rang while the fireworks went off. Yes, yes, yes.

After lunch, we fell into Ross, where G found a beautiful, rich red photo album at an affordable price. Small things do matter. I don’t have to have any more nightmares about the other two ugly albums now. Still looking for backpacks, we stopped at Marshall’s. No backpacks at either Ross or Marshall’s, but there was a Michael Kors purse in each……still way beyond my price…rather grandmothery too.

That was a nice store. Why hadn’t we been there before?

As the heat of the day began to fade, I put my leg up and organized house photos while playing with album layouts. I’m not making a work of art with this photograph album. I’ll put the pages in room order top floor down with the last picture one of her walking out the front door. If she wants to add captions, she can add them. My goal is to create a little drama….there a little push in the layout, here a little zing. I’m not a scrapbooker, and I just want this to be an easily “read” portrait of a home. Maybe I will be done today. Maybe I will be done tomorrow.

Made with love.

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  1. You found the backpack purse!! YAY!


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