October 27, 2008

A Calendar

Top, a Lifeboat on the Carnival Ecstasy, bottom photograph taken as we pull into Cabo San Lucas. May 2008.

Himself: Most of the day he played first person shooters. Dinner and a movie.

Herself: Reduced to toast, and by bed time felt really good. Ate some M&M’s with the movie. Chocolate isn’t the problem. Knee better. Hand worse. Pea soup fog outside this morning. The world is softened.

Food: Toast, Toast and bacon, patty melt. One diet coke, and M&M’s. This morning: Peas.
It’s Monday morning with Bullets. I seem to wake up thinking in fragments on Mondays. Perhaps it’s the nightmares. Perhaps I think all night long and wake thinking. Maybe too it’s that I am reduced to bits by both the newspaper and TV news before I get here.

  • Most important of all to me is that after two days of toast and a change of IBS meds, I feel better. I’ll take no agony and run with it any old time.

  • I’m building a new real, in-the-hand photo album for myself. Frankly, I was so pleased with the one I made for MB, that I thought I would make one for us. We have a few album pages left from the one I just made, and if I don’t use every photo either of us took on both our last trips, we should have a nice album for 2008. There’s the Carnival Ecstasy trip to Cabo in May, I made no album of that online. How odd. There’s the three days of family wedding trip, and then there’s this road trip we just took. I confess to hundreds of pictures online for that trip. Yesterday I rectified the photo gap and put the Cabo trip at Snapfish online, and I will order prints. Yes, I liked the prints they sent us for the MB album. That I so cherish the albums my mother made after her cruises, spurs me to make one of our last two trips.

    Ordering an album is a nice project for today.

  • Another nice project for today will be to move that one quilt block G doesn’t like, and put together the center portion of the red quilt. I must have deleted that red quilt album too. A few of these photos need to be put back up online.

  • Pete is feeling well enough after a cold and skin cancer surgery to suggest a meal. I’m thinking that later in the week if we eat somewhere bland, I can chance it. The Thursday noon group finishes lunch at one….so far off my schedule that the felony of IBS is compounded. Maybe this one week I can stay home and eat toast. Dinner with Pete will be my one daring meal.

  • It’s a delightfully, wonderfully empty calendar for this upcoming week. (Yes, those are adverbs. Yes, the mighty pen of some members of my writing class would whack them out….but it’s my journal.) Today I chat with Bee, tomorrow I swim. Wednesday I have the writing workshop and get a shot in my hand in the afternoon; Thursday I swim, technically have the poet’s workshop, but instead I’ll meet G at the doctor’s office. Perhaps that would be a good day for dinner with Pete. Friday I swim and work. Bottom line, a simple week. Retirement heaven but I am reminded that I still haven’t had my blood work done for my physical.

  • Last night, G and I curled up with the last Harry Potter film. I’d forgotten what a scary film it was. Well done. Nothing childish about it tho. The films have grown darker as Harry grew older, and now we are left waiting for that last film. There are three more scheduled, and I worry that Daniel Radcliff has grown too much to portray a school boy….however mature.


Wikipedia: Harry Potter films


  1. Oh I hope your tummy starts to feel better soon.

  2. Use as many adverbs as you like, Mage! Just as students of music need a thorough understanding of classical music concepts so that he can then go on to claim his/her music style, writers who refuse to let themselves use adverbs are just as apt to be stuck in a vacuum of "shouldn't and don't." Once a writer understands how to give his/her writing an active voice, they'll need those adverbs less and less, but it's up to them to decide when and if they want to put an adverb there. Sometimes there's no more perfect word than an adverb. Like you said, it's your journal, your voice, and totally up to you. There will always be critics ready to tear you down. (That's why I usually don't go to writing groups.) Therefore, I say to you: Go forth and write! BRAVELY, COURAGEOUSLY, VALIANTLY, HEROICALLY, DARINGLY, FEARLESSLY, STAUNCHLY AND OFTENLY!


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