October 7, 2008

A Coming Home

Dining Cars Café in Buellton California. We saw it from the freeway and stopped to take pictures. Copyright G and M, 2008.

Himself: Has to start from the beginning again as they need certain standardization, and it isn’t there. He only has to add a little bit of coding, but folks aren’t happy. Today will be an adventure.

Herself: Still felt fine. Still eating simply tho I ate ice cream after dinner last night. At least the ice cream is all gone now. Down 2 pounds. Spent all day yesterday working on house pictures and waiting for Ba. Woke at two worrying about how I was going to get swimming, gas, and to the doc on time. I absolutely have to stop thinking.

Food: Green beans, toast, scrambled eggs and English muffin. Bacon.

Last Vacation Day: We headed home slowly vista point by vista point.
  • This last week was a good one. We did small home things that made it better…….like take five bags of stuff to the thrift store, decide to get rid of the big Christmas tree and use the small one in the future. We keep simplifying things. I wrote one poem this week about simplifying things, and tho the Old Poets made changes, they also laughed.

  • Bells marking the Kings Highway. This one in a rest stop, a truly beautiful oasis with the towering bare cliffs above us. In the 1920’s, my grandmother took photos and did a sketch of these bells for her book on the Missions.

  • Small things: The laundry’s been done. Twice actually. My stomach’s calm at last…..I don’t care what manufacturers say, each lot of a product does differ from the next one. I’ve been to work at the thrift store once since our return, and sorting their Christmas stuff reminds me that I now have to sort through our many boxes of decorations. They are going to hate me when I bring everything in.

  • From the freeway, we caught a glimpse of these two bridges next to the ocean.

  • G had to cancel his appointment for his physical. I understand. All his holidays were eaten by the road trip. Since he is going to the doctor’s office for the pphysical, perhaps he can use a sick day. I’m certainly sick. I’m putting off driving to the doctor’s office on no breakfast or coffee at seven thirty in the morning to have blood drawn. Doing that will finish off my physical. I need to get off my ass and do it.

  • Sometimes it’s all about what we see on the road.

  • Speaking of doctor’s. I did a real podiatrist yesterday. Not only were all those diagnoses over all those years wrong, it appears the treatment was wrong too……no burning or freezing here. He also treated me like a second class citizen multitasking by dictating orders while shaving off the “Intractable Plantar Keratomas.” Further compounding the problem, he told me to sand my feet every day while ignoring the fact that I had told him that I can’t reach one foot. I was not impressed. G countered by suggesting attaching peel and stick sandpaper to the floor. He’s so cute.

  • And more doctors. Today the finger doctor instead of water aerobics….not good. Same clinic. Same doc as the hip doc. I can report that I’m doing everything he suggested…..tho I am not going to stop typing to cure my finger.

But in the end when you are tired and drooping in a corner of the car, it’s just all about the road.

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  1. Your post reminded me that I have to get to a number of doctors and dentists. A little guilt trip early in the morning. Now, I think I'll shower and go off for a walk and forget about making the appointments.


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