October 10, 2008

The Fogs Of Winter

Flying trees on the Noyo River, 2008.

Himself: Everyday he has a job we are blessed. A ballot arrived for Duck, and G called about it. We forgot about that.

Herself: OD down for maintenance. GM down from 40 a share to 5. It sort of puts my retirement in perspective. Ba’s father died yesterday. They took him home, where he wanted to be. Her mother, who has Alzheimers, cried then forgot.

Food: Peas. Toast. Meatloaf, sliced tomatoes, and asparagus….which was killer good. Today peas, cheese sandwich, meatloaf sand and slaw.
Today swim and go sort stuff for the Cancer Society.

I’ll dress warmly this morning. It’s an outdoor pool. They say it is wonderful in the pool all winter long. Except when it rains. The only part that isn’t fun is getting from the locker room to the water.

Yesterday the fog covered the hills near the pool muffled the world, and low landing aircraft flew over us so closely we could see all the markings on the hulls through gaps in the clouds. Every once in a while the pool breathed its own steam out shrouding us in a gentle grey. Talk of weddings and laughter filled the air broken by enthusiastic exhortations from the instructor.

I came home in the chill air, bundled up warm, and sat at the computer to overwork my hand on my mouse. Sometimes all you can do is laugh at yourself.

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