October 1, 2008

Friends In The Sunshine

Pump house at the driveway, Copyright G and M, 2008.

Himself: Work was boring but there. He had a good day and arrived home smiling. Grumpy: OEM hose was 40 bucks plus; Napa hose was 15. The top hose was no longer made. What? Napa did the job.

Herself: Missed swimming. Waited. Hose arrived by two for Grumpy. Later we picked him up all washed and shiny. House remarkably tidy while waiting. Still a mess on the library table to clean up tho. I’m such a slob….such a collector. Bee stopping by after a mom and dad visit to pick up a purse I found at an estate sale. Books: Kay turned me on to Gabaldon as a replacement for the embarrassingly awful bodice ripper I brought with me. I went to buy the next two and found Barnes and Nobel/Bookstar was out at both handy branches. Found them all at Borders……which is quicker than Amazon. Got discount card for free. They are marketing themselves far better than their competition….their store was jammed.

Food: Green bean breakfast, toast and bacon lunch, and salad again for dinner. I feel pretty good.

Vacation Day 3: Slept in Dan’s sister’s new and very clean double wide, joined our friends and rode out to the ocean, rode the Skunk Train, stopped in Mendocino, and had a little bit of an excellent Greek casserole for dinner. Yes, I want to recipe. Thank you.
Yes, there are crickets out there at night, wild turkeys in the afternoons……by the flock, bears that eat apples, and marvelous silence echoing hill to hill in the mornings. These are things I never hear in the inner city.

Visiting our friends was for me like stepping out into a foreign land.

We are arrived. G in front of the 2008 barn. Kay in front of the same barn in 1999.

Kay and Dan’s wedding announcement had a picture of the two of them in front of this barn. I’d captured Kay there so many years ago, and now I was hoping to pose them in front of it again. As the two some days went by, I tried to catch a portrait of them as a gift. Imperiously I would point and say, “Stand there.” Or I’d find myself wandering along just shooting…probably too much in their faces but hoping to catch a moment. To preserve a bit of time.

These could have been better. The colors are good. The subjects are great. I’m still learning.

These could have been better. The colors are good. The subjects are great. I’m still learning.

Friends in the sunshine.

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  1. Magnificent photo of the gnarl tree trunked tree with the pond. I half expected to see a gnome off to one side hiding behind something. Ditto the one with the camera looking upward into the pine boughs from the bottom. Very interesting angles.


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