October 20, 2008

Getting Moving

Barn with llamas in Northern California. Copyright M&G 2008.

Himself: We puttered. He laundered….up and down the stairs he went. He even started the dishwasher….which pissed me off. That’s my job.

Herself: More puttering. I worked on the photo album. Some of it looks pretty good. G and I took MK grocery shopping. They’re not letting her drive yet….that was a horrific fall she took.

Food: Toast and bacon…….the weekend is guilt free, quiche and salad……then high calorie foods for movie watching…..like chocolate. G still lost one pound from last week.
  • Vote: Even if you feel the electoral college negates your vote, vote anyway. No matter what you believe, what you think of the candidates or the issues, or how you feel about this whole election process, please vote two weeks from now. Thank you.

  • Photos: I’m going to be dogged today. I was muttering to G that I wanted a faded version of one of my photographs in back of several others in the album I’m making, and G reminded me that I can do it in Photoshop. He left me to play, and I discovered that it can be done…..or at least for the simple stuff I want to do, it can be done. Fade an image, vignette the edges, and plop something on top of it. Amazing how professional it almost looks. So “dogged” means that I’m going to focus my energies on making a major dent in the photo album.

  • Food: When we took MK to the grocery store yesterday, I was saying, with burps for my faulty memory, that I was going to sautĂ© the chicken breasts…dusted with a Cajun spice rub, and top them with a mango avocado salsa. She seemed astounded at how professional it all sounded. At swimming last week, I mentioned that I made out menus from my cookbooks for the upcoming week then I did my grocery shopping from this list. They too seemed astounded.

    I too am astounded. How do they plan to eat? How do they shop? Do they eat the same stuff all the time. I kept my mouth shut….you would be proud of me. Do they invent as they go? I’m still dithering.

    Right in front of me is Kay’s Spanakopita. Now if I don’t follow her recipe, it won’t taste like Kay’s Spanakopita, nor will it come out right in the end…even to the half pound melted butter. Come to think of it, I’ll cut the recipe in half….then it is only a quarter pound of melted butter to clog your arteries. Oh my, even on a day I didn’t feel good, it tasted great. We will have it at the end of this week.

  • Friends: Scattered again. Sue has flown into town, bought a new fridge for her condo, and flown out again. Our schedules haven’t met up in years, but when I think of her I smile. Dee is in Bulgaria. Teaching. The Northern California College where she worked for so many years closed her department. She took the first job she could find….but Bulgaria is closer to her apartment in Paris than Northern California.

    All of us who once lived and worked here in Southern California have moved out to the far corners of the earth. Imagine a century where you grew up, worked, lived, and died all in one town. Maybe, I need to get moving.


  1. Of course I am voting, and many of the propositions are very important too. I wish I had the discipline to make a menu then shop.

  2. Mage, do you know of people who are not going to vote? It is odd that so many people in other countries are so interested in your election. Canada had their national elections last week, and just about everyone I spoke to said, the US election outcome was more important than their own Canadian one for the future of Canadians.


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