October 18, 2008


Red barn near Ukiah, 2008.

Himself: G’s company is using his project as the star item in a Las Vegas trade show. He spent the day tweaking the program. Happy man with a very good day.

Herself: Had a really good day jump started by good words from ME, and no Ba in class. This was followed by fun pricing the last of the Christmas goodies at the Discovery Shop, and by getting to do a few small displays of Pink Ribbon things for the breast cancer displays. Woke too early today.

Food: Beans, half a no-cheese sand, an enchilada rice and beans dinner…..too much food. I’m learning.
G and I set off after dinner for Ross where he had seen photo albums. Yes, she says as an aside, Ross has the dregs of everything.

There we found two photo albums the same size in the four buck range. Since they were leftovers, I have to admit they are ugly photo albums. At Staples, they actually carried extra pages and the extension poles needed to make the albums bigger. More than amazing, actually. One of the reasons I stopped making photo albums was that companies stopped making these blank white pages.

The house photos arrived. Excellent things too. Snapfish did me proud. Hurrah.

Before I dig in to normalcy around here, G and I are going to check out the Amvets in the Far Country, Ross in Middle Land, and the Marshall’s near us. We have never been there. All these places might have backpack purses. Yes, there’s four pages of them on e-Bay, lovely Coach backpacks in red and the creamy brown I’m looking for. Prices I can’t afford too.

Normalcy will be a few loads of laundry going round and round two floors down. Normalcy will be facing the fact that I’ve created chaos in the computer room with almost no effort, and now I need a clean room to work in. Later, perhaps after a nap, normalcy will be playing with the photos on blank sheets of paper to see what I can create. Or, maybe that’s heaven.

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  1. So ironic about the backpack purses. I went to a "purse party" last night. A variation on the tupperware party of course. They were all inexpensive knockoffs, Coach, Gucci etc. The first thing I asked is if there was a back pack purse! Not a one :(


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