October 9, 2008

Not made in the bathroom sink.......

Marion’s fish on the kitchen counter. Photo C MGB October 2008.

Himself: He arrived home smiling but faded into grumpy. Too little food will do it. He’s really sticking to his diet.

Herself: Read, and they laughed in the right place. I came home and worked on the Marion photos. Had a nice email interchange with a HP supervisor in my search to get quality prints of these shots for her. Today it’s work out then work on the photos.

Food: Tonight the meatloaf and roasted asparagus.
We took so many photos the other day that it’s hard to make a dent in the total. By the time I’m done playing with them in Photoshop, and they all need some work if it is only to lighten them up, I’ve done only ten to twenty a day. G took and equal number.

I cropped these, I used the dodge tool, I feathered out the flooring a bit, and I lightened them up. Remember, I don’t know how to use this program. I did this sort of thing many years ago. I did it in a real darkroom with chemical fumes filling the air, red light changing the view of everything you see, and homemade dodger shapes on long pieces of wire to wave over the paper in the enlarger. My ex-husband was a remarkably talented photographer. I learned a little.

Today I am having fun at home without the red light, without the chemicals and giant machines. The end results are lovely, but the black and white photographs produced in a darkroom were an art form we can’t quite capture today in Photoshop.

Al Franken has come a long way from his Saturday Night Live Days. He has won the primaries for the Minnesota Senate this September as a Democrat. Marion B lent us the 1985 “Stuart Saves his Family,” and we found it on Amazon bundled with two other films. It’s 20 bucks not the 74 dollar high end something. We bought the package to get “Stuart.”

Wikipedia: Al Franken

Stuart Saves His Family

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  1. Good for you. You can always try the automatic fixes in the menu next to edit (in German it's called picture) and go down to the second from the top to the function "transform" (?) under the modus function.


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