October 11, 2008

Odds, Ends, and Orts

Breakfast table near the door out to the deck. 2008.

Himself: Went off to his Friday night meeting surprising me. He hates getting home so late, but he enjoys the old friends so much.

Herself: Ate peanut butter two days in a row…l should be shot at sunrise.

Food: Today toast, a cheese sandwich, and out to dinner with the P2’s.
It’s a weekend of this’s and that’s. I’m abandoning him to his own orts and dragging mine out of the dust.

  • Errands: Remember to stop by JC Penney’s and see if they still have that shirt I wanted months ago and couldn’t afford. Oh, I dithered over that royal blue sweater. I bought the button up, but not the pull over. Then I came home to chew on it, I went back to look at it twice, and at thirty bucks it was beyond my meager day dreams. Now at 75% off, it will probably be gone but I shall go see anyway.

  • Gifts: G has put together the ingredients of a Sunbeam Mixmaster for daughter Marie. “I can make birthday cakes for my friend’s (sobriety) birthdays,” she told us. First we found a mixer. G used to restore these things, and they are lots of work to get running again. That first mixer didn’t have the small bowl. We found a small bowl a few weeks ago. Last weekend we found another mixer…slightly older, but it had a complete juicer. He’s fixing the mixer while I am laundering.

  • Getting rid of: The Cancer Society Thrift Store will take our big Christmas tree. It’s about seven feet tall with lights and mounted on a platform with rollers. I’m going to start going through the ornaments today. This is scary stuff…..letting go of Linus blanket stuff, letting go of guilt, childhood, and being me now stuff too. Oh, it’s going to be hard. Everytime I run into one of these Linus blanket things, it’s hard.

  • Finishing: The house photos are as done as they are going to be done. Photoshopped, trimmed, edited, uploaded to Snapfish, and viewed as a ninety buck book, instead we ordered prints with a little handholding from a HP manager. Thank you. The book idea is a great one. Imagine building your own scrapbook right there online, printing it, and having them ship it. The books are really good looking too. But not in my budget.

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