October 8, 2008

Precious Objects

Marion’s sewing basket. Photo C MGB October 2008.

Himself: Exciting news. Now three people have approached him about moving up in the company. Yesterday it was suggested that he could move over to the labor division next year to train for one of the Coaching positions….that’s training. He’s feeling pretty good. Using his light too.

Herself: Exciting news. I can close my right hand this morning after a cortisone shot by my orthopedic guy. I fulsomely thanked him for encouraging me to retire and get into the pool. I wrote a note with a pen too. Worried about my share of the money tho. We are down almost the 10% that is the Official “depression” sign. Iceland going bankrupt might cause Britain’s economy to collapse too.

Food: Got groceries last night, simple stuff like baked potatoes and salad, meat loaf and asparagus. Eating yesterday: Green beans. Half a turkey sandwich. Half a mini pizza….tho I ate all the filling off the other half. Not a bit of guilt.
I woke this morning still gingerly using my right hand. Still hurts but I have flexibility. It’s a wonderful start. I woke feeling better than I have in ages too. What a gift.

As the Santa Ana’s begin to blow in off the desert, we rolled the bed to the sliding doors and turned the fan on. We be air here. Later when I get home from school, I’ll work more with the Marion photos. I’ve begun downloading them to an online album, and I have written to find out how I get better quality prints for Marion from this album. One thing I am doing is attempting to make the many small displays into “precious objects” instead of part of the “overall” shots. I got a couple that turned out pretty good….at least I am pleased. I’m very slow with my right hand, one finger typing and mouse.

If I can actually hold a pen, might I be able to hold a brush? Scary thought.

Al Franken has come a long way from his Saturday Night Live Days. He has won the primaries for the Minnesota Senate this September as a Democrat. Marion B lent us the 1985 “Stuart Saves his Family,” and tho sometimes sloppily filmed and sometimes badly acted, we found it a hilarious spoof on the 12 step world. We are going to see if it is out on CD yet.

Wikipedia: Al Franken

Stuart Saves His Family

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  1. Loved the pics of SF. What is wrong with your finger?


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