October 21, 2008

Sash or No Sash

Picked lettuce field photographed as we were heading south. Photos Copyright M&G 2008.

Himself: Had a good day. Looks like they are going to pave our drive without repairing it.

Herself: Sat most of the day but got the book done. Will have to call for a second shot. Hand very unhappy. Knee better……hurrah.

Food: Green beans. Half a cheese sand, V8, olives. Grilled cajun chicken, salsa, strawberry shortcake.
Despite the fact that I shouldn’t sit for long periods, I just powered through the books with minimal time off to stretch. I survived. The book got done.

She liked it. She loved the faded pictures that I vignetted and put behind the actual photos. She insisted on some sort of payment. Rather than ruin a perfectly good friendship, I let G negotiate. A little money plus dinner. Not dinner tonight tho as we had just finished.

Done. She’s happy.

I discovered that I could still wield an Exacto knife as if it were second nature. Yes, Virginia, newspapers used to be put together by pasting, first with rubber cement then with wax, one line or one paragraph of typesetting at time onto a blue marked piece of cardboard.

Yes too, the quilt is sitting here all ready to go if I can only get by the sash or no sash ongoing problem. What a nice dilemma to have in ones back pocket.

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  1. Who says you can get wiser as you get older. Compromises are good.


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