October 3, 2008

Toward the City

Next to the road by a neighbor’s farm, Copyright G and M, 2008.

Himself: No specifics about the new stuff yet, so he dug in to miscellaneous details and had fun. Heat down a bit from 105 at his work and 91 in our driveway.

Herself: Swam, made plans to photograph Marion B’s house…….she is so pleased with it. Read at Poet’s Lunch and got a laugh. Started in on the 2nd book in the series. Talked with Alanon person who recommended three things: Look at my place in the matter of Ba. Let go. So many years together: Look at the loss, deal with it, let it go. Fear is our number two offender; what are you afraid of? Let it go.

Food: Peas for breakfast, an enchilada and taco lunch, and hamburger steak and SoCalFrank Salad. I feel fine.

Vacation Day 4: Slept in Dan’s sister’s new and very clean double wide, said good bye and headed for the big city by a different windey road. Stopped to photograph the bridge from the Marin County side and discovered the forts and lighthouse.
It was sad to say good bye, but Kay was heading out to get her car radio fixed or repaired, and Dan stated clear plans for his day. We headed out to the curves and turns toward Highway 101 determined not to let another ten years pass before we head north again.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the tellings and photos of your trip. Kay is a luck friend.


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