October 6, 2008

Trolleys, Streetcars, and Pedalpushers

The cables for the Cable Car lines snake into the Cable Car museum, over rows of fast moving wheels, and out to the undergrounds again. Their constantly whirring was mesmerizing. Copyright G and M, 2008.

Himself: A quiet day. Played games all morning, helped photograph Marion B’s house in the evening, and we all went out to dinner to celebrate in the late afternoon.

Herself: Felt fine. Simple morning, photo afternoon, and after a flat out delightful dinner with Marion B where we all got STUFFED, it was on to a quiet evening with photos. Today off to a podiatrist….after all these years of foot problems and freezing, burning, cutting, slicing, bandaids and layers of padding, I see an expert at nine.

Food: Toast, toast, and ravioli. Muy bonito. Today, a green bean breakfast.

Vacation Day 5: Day five, we did the Asian Art Museum plus a light lunch, and more busses, trolley’s, streetcars and BART, before half a dinner and a retreat with our stomachs.

The Powell and Market street Cable Car cresting a hill.

After a light luncheon, we ventured down to Market Street to photograph old streetcars on our way to the Streetcar Museum. Darn it, the Street Car Museum was closed.

At the foot of Market Street is a popular tourist site…the turntable where the trolley’s are rotated before heading back up the hills.

We BARTed to the far side of the bay, we took streetcars, cable cars, trolleys, and busses, and we ate a light supper at a trolley stop in the heart of the city.

The Cable Car Museum was equally fascinating. Not only could you watch the cables rotate on their wheels, you can follow the history of these different lines and cars. Down level with the giant wheels, you can see the cables turn a corner and head out under the streets again.

Our heads had lots of fun, but our stomachs were not enjoying the day. We came back to our “Not-so-grand-any-more” motel and fell into bed. Our room was tired tho the cost was OK. The boys who had owned it were so depressed to be sued by one of the handicapped ADA folks, that they sold to an Asian mom and pop duo. The new family doesn’t have the same imaginative flair.

Left: Built 1948. Served Philadelphia 1948-89. Purchased by Muni 1992. Paint design: Pacific Electric, LA. Right: Car 1811. A Peter Witt designed Milan Streetcar circa 1928. Painted in 1928 scheme.

Left: Historic Peter Witt designed Milan streetcars built in 1928. Painted in 1928 orange Milan color. Right: The inside of a 1948 Streamlined streetcar.

This streamlined streetcar was built in 1948. Served Philadelphia 1948-92. Exterior paint design: Baltimore MD.

Built in 1948, antique streetcar 1010 was originally a San Francisco car, and it is Painted in San Francisco colors of the 1940’s.

Left: Car 1056 was built 1948. It served Philadelphia 1948-88. Purchased by Muni in 1992. Exterior paint design from Kansas City.

>G photographing cars. This built in 1948 antique streetcar, 1007, was originally a San Francisco car and is painted in the Philadelphia Suburban colors.


Historic Streetcars of the F Line Fleet: Every car and every adventure listed

San Francisco Cable Cars

San Francisco Cable Car Museum

SFMTA Cable Car Page


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