October 26, 2008

With A Camera

G washing windows in SAC. 2008.

Himself: Had a good day at work and a better day with his tummy.

Herself: Had a great day except with my tummy. IBS won, and I was sick all day. Not ok stuff. Went to bed as soon as we got home, and I changed fiber back to the high sugar stuff. Today didn't get dressed and moving till 11. Lunch toast, bacon, V8.

Food: Toast, sandwich, soup, breadsticks, and ravioli….which usually works well.
There I am, in his face, behind him, next to him, and enjoying the freedom to take pictures. It’s so much fun….I tell you. And he puts up with me.

My first husband, the Hollywood Photographer, said I took terrible pictures and was not to use a camera. Banished my camera, actually. Perhaps it was because I dropped his Pentax in the James River or knocked over his view camera. In the end, it was a true case of the shoemaker’s kids with no shoes. I had few pictures of the kids, but the ones I did have were superior.

Now days, thanks to the generosity of my husband G, I have an excellent point and shoot camera. Often, to his embarrassment, I take pictures of him. This latest trip was a good example. I got one good picture and one hundred boring pictures.

Yesterday we made arrangements to go from San Diego to Skagway on Veendam in May. Think of the thousands of pictures we are going to take then. What fun.

Then again, he has a camera too. Here Kay and I are both talking at the same time onboard the skunk train.


  1. What a awful thing to do telling someone they shouldn't take photos. What was all that about? There is so much joy found in finding and taking a good photo.

  2. There certainly is. Maybe he didn't like me. We did divorce. I'm so very glad I took up the camera again.

  3. You have such a wonderful and kind smile. Not take photos, well screw him, no wonder he is and ex, sounds like he deserves to be!

  4. My favorite is the one you took of G coming down the stairs. Love the composition and visual interest of that V made by the stairs/banisters and the floor's surface.


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