November 25, 2008

A Carpeting We Will Go

Top: the front hall carpet. Below: the stairs and the bedroom.

Himself: Only one person said anything about his new face, and only two others did double takes. He was disappointed. I was disappointed.

Herself: Made it a quiet day. Made a decision to eat a quiet Thanksgiving meal here….perhaps after capturing a solitary drunk from a meeting. Chicken, stuffing, potatoes, pie, whipped cream. The essentials.

Not a quiet day today tho.

“We are calling to confirm for your carpet cleaning tomorrow between the hours of eight and ten,” the very brisk young man said.

Since it was nearing my bed time, all I could manage was a rather slowed, “Yes.”

Then we moved stuff. Being semi one handed slows me down fractionally. Not G. He filled the tub with quilting stuff, the laundry hamper with heater and lamp, and topped everything with a very large stuffed rabbit. My job this morning, if I should choose to accept it, will be to assure the carpet cleaners that all the big stuff upstairs is on rollers.

If it isn’t on rollers, clean around it.

If it is the stairs, all I can do is pray they can get them clean again. Right now they look as if itinerant illegals are camping out one family per step.

Then again there’s the bedroom and computer room carpets covered with the dust of ages. Even more so now that all the Christmas ornaments have been sorted and discarded using the carpet as a sorting table. Yes, we discarded….but oh the dust bunnies.

Yes, I’ll take pictures.

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