November 5, 2008


In the icy cold Library working on my blog entry. I was freezing. April, 2008.

Himself: Began training his replacement. Arrived home humming.

Herself: Spent the whole day fighting my IBS. Started next album. Voted after dinner. Started new fiber. Staying home and eating bland.

Mary: She died at 6:30 last night. I mourn freshly.

Food: Bread and butter. Toast and butter. Pasta with white beans and tomatoes and green salad. 1 Diet Coke.

I’m inching my way along into depression with this. They say IBS is caused by stress, but I find it is usually triggered by my allergies. I was allergic to something in the plain psyllium I switched to in September but I stuck it out until recently. The side effects just grew worse by the day. The big-brand plain stuff didn’t work either, and I am back to the dreadful orange and heavy sugar fiber.

Hey, it’s misery just like the old days…….which I thought I’d grown beyond.

I was feeling slightly better by the time we got home from the drug store, but I still went to bed with the new Spenser and the election results. Yes, they are better in HD. At least I can see them. Shall I complain about the too fancy graphics being so distracting that I couldn’t see the content? Not with the Obama win that was announced here on the West Coast just as we were heading to bed. We are very pleased.

The Elation’s Natchez Library looking out into the many deck tall atrium.

Some of my favorite causes passed, like high speed train bonds, other’s are still too close to call….Proposition 8. Raised traditionally, I’m saddened that the voters of California voted to prefer prejudice and discrimination over fairness and equality. Some of my candidates made it like Christine Kehoe, now a state Senator once a beach bum friend who lived up the street. Another beach bum didn’t get elected. ThomaS came in third. I’m very sorry about this.

We move on now into a whole new mind-set. Marie called to say she voted for the very first time. I’m jazzed that she is this healthy at last. Bee, whose birthday it was yesterday, said her marshmallowland polling place was jammed with people of all color and all ages. Young people everywhere…some even brought their kids reminiscent of the Kennedy years. Here in whitebreadland, the turnout was triple the usual and should have been more. Politics is politics, but hopefully with the added twist now of a soupcon of change.

We will take change and run with it. Thank you Obama.

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  1. Oh, dear Mage, I hope you are not falling into a depression. Thank heavens Mr. Obama succeeded in the manner he did. What a might it was.


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