November 24, 2008

A Changing of the Face

November 23, 2008. The last official picture with fur.

Himself: Dug into the garage, unwillingly I’m sure. Got rid of a truck load of “stuff.” He helped with the slicing and dicing for dinner.

Herself: Helped sort “stuff,” deliver “stuff” to the thrift store, and sweep out the garage. Macaroni and cheese with hot dogs. I wish the cheese had been sharper. “Were there “ten different cheeses,” he asked after seeing a Bobby Flay “Throwdown” on macaroni and cheese.

Mrs. LBH asked, “What happens to the bounty from the Estate Sales.”

I answer, “If we don’t use any of it after a couple of years, out it all goes. The still good stuff goes to the Cancer Society thrift store, and the less usable or obviously used things go to Father Joe.” Father Joe “is” St. Vincent de Paul here in San Diego. He guarantees that he will sell everything. I believe it as he supports the homeless, programs for addicts and alcoholics, and has a new building for homeless teens. Best of all, he’s building apartments for homeless families.

G didn’t just want to give the tent away. We used it once only to discover that we were not tent people. One of the young boys next door, the one who is trying to get into the Coast Guard, he was wildly enthusiastic about it….took the big photograph of the Coast Guard vessel too.

So we cleaned out the unused things from piles in the garage where they filter down from the house. So we packed up the truck. So we drove it down to the Cancer Society and emptied out the truck. So we came home and took showers.

He’s been worried about his beard.

L to R: 1985: Skinny G with Ike. 1986: G and M. 1983: Aboard the Meg-A-Bob.

He’s had a beard since I met him. Once, when we were vastly younger, he shaved it off because he was pissed at me. Once, to get a job, he shaved it off and left it off for years.

He’s had a gap in his beard lately. He went to the doctor who said it was “Alopecia Areata”…which happens to 90 percent of us humans but usually on the top of the head. It’s unusual in beards. It’s an auto immune disorder, and it will go away all by it’s self. Or….the doctor said, he could shave his beard off then it wouldn’t matter.

Yesterday he found an even bigger gap than the first one on the other side. After all the dirty work down in the garage, he came upstairs and shaved off his beard for the third time.

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