November 12, 2008


Fort Rosecrans facing North.

Himself: Had another good day at work. Gee, I like days like these.

Herself: Swam. Took pictures and wrote.

Food: A twinge or two in the pool slowed down my wildness. Cereal with rice milk. Toast. Half a half salad, half a dish of macaroni and cheese, 1/3 tiny pizza at Pizza Nova by the bay.

  • There are those moments. Snapfish changed something in their programming, and their codes don’t work for the moment. They are changing back, but at the moment they suggest I use Firefox. Who am I to tell them that my current computer is older than dirt, tireder than a dinosaur, and I’m not adding a new program so I can watch it collapse faster. So there.

    My usual mantra applies: Sometimes all you can do is laugh.

  • G, anticipating my slowly arriving computer collapse…which has been held off by adding massive fans in the case to help cool a overheating and dying chip, purchased a plug. This plug will allow my newer hard drive to be plugged into his semi retired older computer…….which works perfectly. Voila, I will have a temporary new computer which already has a bumped up memory and a new video card. The only reason it got retired was that it’s 32 bit and won’t play the new 64 bit games. Ah, reality……more mantra.

  • I felt pulled by a string up to the top of the Point yesterday. There I found crowds of non-family folks wandering the gentle slopes of Fort Rosecrans amid the miles of markers. I visited family…….and my friend Dale Craig, who held my hand and encouraged me when I was as mad as a hatter, he’s family. G’s folks are family too. Then I too turned into paparazzi and took pictures right along with the masses. This time, I parked Grumpy and walked up to theUSS Bennington Memorial, something I hadn’t done in years. A tall stone obelisk is surrounded by the markers of the 60 men killed when two of her boilers exploded.

  • Although dinner was already cooked, we fled to eat by the bay and later watch the sunset. The sunset was glorious, and it gave us a chance to see the Ryndam depart. We will be traveling on her next May. Not dinosaurish at all.

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