November 17, 2008

A Grandson Visit

Bow of the Silvergate…….built in 1941.

Himself: Morning doing nothing, and afternoon with Aaron. We had a quiet really nice time.

Herself: Ditto but with probing questions to find out how grandson really is. (Better with new bosses, starting school online, still living on base, car running well….that sort of stuff)

Hurts to hold camera because of bad finger, and I bumped something and loused up my camera settings. Half of everything out of focus. My hand fractionally better when I type with one or two right hand fingers and don’t use the mouse. Very time consuming. No solitaire. Not doing email. No or few notes now for a while……I’m sorry. I see surgeon on Tuesday. (Opinion: This proved too much too.)

My entries are continuing to shrink in size as I stop doing email, leaving notes on blogs, or writing anything with any depth beyond short blog entries.

Perhaps they will devolve into picture books. Storyboards. Such as, “Lazy morning in Balboa Park…our city’s big, central park.

Took pictures of buildings and museums.

Picked up Aaron at the back gate at his breakfast time…he works nights. We gave him choices, and he picked the Air and Space Museum, a concert at the Spreckles Organ….the largest out door organ in the world, and dinner via ferry on Coronado.

Restaurants at the ferry landing where we had an hour to eat…….our favorite place gone, two were very expensive, one cheap and the food good. Lovely, warm evening. Took Aaron home by “his noon” and we were in bed by our eight.”

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