November 8, 2008

A Holiday Boutique

Top: Our old tree Christmas 2006. Bottom: Our old tree At the Cancer Society Thrift store. Oh, I so hope someone wants it.

Himself: Did you have a good day at work? “Yes! I had an excellent day at work!”

Herself: Serves me right for thinking I was 21 when setting up for the Holiday Boutique. Did water aerobics and thought I was crazy, crept through work and let G take me to Souplantation for dinner.

Food: Grape Nuts and rice milk, cheese sandwich, carrots, brownies, diet coke, five salads and another brownie. Diet coke. OKOK, that was wayyyyyyyy too much even for a test day. Only a little discomfort. No stomach pain, no nausea, no results either. Hives, do they count? Ah well.

I sort of fell out of the truck and into the store yesterday morning. My mantra for the day was, “I am no longer 21 years old.” It would be a good mantra if I could remember it.

There was no long line outside the doors, and the store manager was worried. Normally there is. Normally too, the Boutique is held Saturday and Sunday not Friday. Right on time the doors opened, and the crowds showed up.

I worked in the back room as I usually do. Not only did they arrive to shop, they dropped off armloads of donations before buying holiday goodies by the boxload. I was a very busy back room person.

Out in front, the store took on a festive air.


  1. Thank heavens the crowds showed up. All that work was well worth it then. I'm spending a quiet weekend working on various projects for the Africa project and a Berlin art installation project. Lots of time on the computer, though I did manage a good long walk in the sunshine. Hope the sun is shinning there too.

  2. Yes, the sun is shining.......and a bit too warm too. Check out the music video on John Bailey's blog. That says it nicely.


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