November 13, 2008


Bedroom quilt in the old bedroom layout.

Himself: Arrived home humming. Back to boring stuff for the next two days. He begins training next week for the new job.

Herself: Class. Read the rewritten “Reluctant Veteran,” and they loved it. Shredded it too. I came home and cut in the corrections, began entering the address book in G’s Word 2007 using his keyboard that doesn’t fit my hands. Warmed dinner, shopped for the fabric I needed for the red quilt edging. Made a big dent in the new Dick Francis. Snapfish still not working with IE. I don’t have Firefox.

Food: Cereal with rice milk, bread and butter, crackers, soup, corn bread, and melon.

Every day the weather changed just enough so that we need more blankets, less blankets, more quilts, or less quilts, layers “ad infinitum.” Lemme tell you.

I’d laugh if the pile of bed coverings on the bedroom chair wasn’t growing in size quite so exponentially.

We are not talking small stuff here. The super giant, big-green-king-sized quilt is the warmest things since Uncle Ben’s processed rice. No matter my optimism about the weather, it hasn’t gotten cold enough for us to use it yet. Oh, I’ve tried. Twice so far this fall, I’ve put it on the bed. Twice so far, we have ended up trying to sleep in pools of sweat, struggling half the night, and finally getting up to try something else.

On top of that sits G’s favorite combo of old, green thermal blanket plus the small throw quilt I made last year. Taking into account that I made this quilt, I consider it fragile. Not all seams are what it seems to be. I don’t want to wear it out in one season, thank you. I defend the poor thing by trying alternatives. Nothing I found has worked well up to now.

Last night, G brought the ladder upstairs, climbed into the attic over his closet, and pulled down one more quilt. This one I found at Amvets….lighter weight than the big green quilt, and a heavier weight than the bedroom quilt. It worked. We slept like tops. Marvelously.

The weather man tells us a Santa Ana is on its way, so in two days we will be reduced to sweating under one sheet again. I shan’t put the giant pile of blankets and quilts on the chair away quite yet. Sometimes all you can do is laugh at yourself anyway.

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  1. That is one beautiful quilt. I can't imagine having made it and not being able to use it. Must be torture.


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