November 22, 2008

Old Guys Do Rule

Himself on board the Carnival Elation leaving Cabo San Lucas, 2008.

Himself: Had an exceptional day. G’s experimental project was a huge success at the Vegas convention. Everyone pleased with G who continues working overtime on this project as well as many hours on his new job.

Herself: I bought another stuffed critter at the thrift Store. Shame, shame, shame, so all G’kids are getting stuffed critters with checks for Christmas. Hand survived sorting stuff at the thrift shop, and my soul loved eating at Brian’s for dinner…double loved hearing all the G news.

Himself went in to his bosses other office to talk raise. He confirmed, “This is a promotion, isn’t it?”

The boss agreed it was a promotion. The boss also said he had only received a 3% raise too. They commiserated. Then the boss asked, “Do you have a passport?”

“Yes, I do, and it’s current.”

Later G was invited to his first meeting of the “Coaches” where they were told how the Mexico office and apartment were run. Yes, shuttle to Tijuana Airport and fly down from there at huge savings. Yes, expense account. Yes computer in apartment. Yes, there’s a maid, yes…laundry, yes…a car’s available, and yes…all these new young hires have degrees and speak English. They just don’t know what they are doing.

A moment of time in the lunchroom with one of the bigger bosses woke G to the fact that he didn’t just get promoted but was promoted two steps up.

“Old Guys Do Rule” once the bosses see how exceptional they are. Then again, G says, the bosses are old guys too.


  1. Congratulations. What wonderful news. Does this mean that G. will be traveling back and forth or are you going to be moving there.

  2. Traveling back and forth. Maybe to Germany too. They are having trouble there. :)

  3. Congratulations. I'm so pleased for both of you. It's particularly good the bosses are old guys. Sometimes that makes a big difference.

    I love the picture of G with the ice cream .


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