November 15, 2008

Parts Is.......

Dory at a dock, 2008.

Himself: Worked on Toyotas. Oh what a feeling…….

Herself: Tests far less painful than the same tests done in 1989.

Food: Not a bit of guilt…….nope, not me…….Cereal with rice milk, donut, brownie, delightful dinner with Pete at Filipe’s……and could not eat it all. Pete is looking really great…..oh, hurrah.

NoJoMo or not, I’ve a dual diagnosis on my right hand, and I’m going to be using it less. Yes, Carpal Tunnel…….but I had known that since 1989. Tendonitis in the ring finger. Ah, the agony explained. The bent and swollen finger explained. Tuesday, back to the surgeon.

Oh, I’ll push the camera shutter down just as much. I can do that and keep the swelling down, but I’m not writing any long thesis’s until I’m in less ai-gony. That’s a great word for some other life. Not mine.


  1. Oh, Mage, that must be so painful. I recently bought myself a touch pad and I am in the process of getting accustomed to it. Too many collages later, my hand is also starting to pain the whole time. I hope you can still manage the shutter click for a long time to come. Did you do something to the photo to create the colours?


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