November 2, 2008

Projects R Us

Boarding the Ecstasy. So emboldened am I by the Marion B album, I’ve begun one for our Mexico trip, Copyright G and M, April 2008.

Himself: Played with his camera on and off all day. Errands: Ross for photo albums and a new camera case. Washed Grumpy at CRASH with all newbies, and gassed Grumpy in Claremont at $2.63.

Herself: Followed G around and will do so today. Got two pillows with the right red orange for the living room. Penney’s and got dark fushia sweater set….that should do me for years. New sweats too. All at 50% off plus ten bucks. I’m set for the winter.

Mary: Shared about her and her death at the 5:30pm meeting. One of her neighbors was there and hadn’t known.

Food: Bread and butter. Half Subway sand plus one cookie. Peanuts, and grilled cheese sandwich with one WW bar.

It was a day of doing yesterday. I like doing days. Get off my ass and do things day….finish this project, do this for that project day.

Most importantly today, I am going to sew five seams to complete the center top on the red quilt this morning….before he heads off to Frye’s, again, for more of the 2GB SD cards for seven dollars. Finish the middle is me….then I can put it away and make photo albums.

I’m not exactly scrapbooking….as one of my old friends urged me to do. She was right. It’s just the sort of thing I would like to do. There’s little time for “like” now. Balance first…scrapbooks second. Balance first, and first among first is health, keeping the body and soul together which includes the house…that importantly sanity, and then fun. Making photo albums is fun. Gotta have fun too……after dragging one’s self to the gym and to the recumbent bike.

Now…….what should I cook this week?

The Midway as seen from the decks of the Ecstasy. Copyright G and M, April 2008.

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  1. Well whatever you decide to make, tell us about!


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