November 4, 2008

Taking Pictures

First photo of G taking photos…I must have spent all the first day following him around with a camera, 2008.

Himself: He’s really pleased with his new camera. He found the same camera for less at Circuit City, but they did a bait and switch on him. At the second Circuit City, no one would talk to him. Gee, that’s why I won’t shop there. Gee too, that may be the attitude that’s got the company in trouble. They are shuttering stores, laying off 7,000 employees, and talking bankruptcy. I wonder why.

Herself: Drove downtown without food and with coffee without sugar. Stomach didn’t like this. Got blood drawn. Fussed with the red living room, and did my usual Monday house pickup. Spent the rest of the day finishing the photo album for our Mexico cruise. G likes it. Now it will go on a shelf and will anyone ever look at it again? Stomach felt good the rest of the day. Getting up at four something must be good for both of us. Still working my way through V3 of that bodice ripper series. It gets endless.

Food: Bread and butter. Crackers and margarine. 1 Diet Coke. Chicken fajita tostados. Very good, mild, and low fat from the cooking light cookbook. G thinks it cough drops. I ate one.

I didn’t print half the pictures I should have for the Baja album. As I put pages together, I was aware of gaps and blanks where I knew really good images existed on my computer. When comparing them to the online album, I found volumes of pictures of G taking pictures. I don’t think I printed a one of these.

Must have been one of those, “I mustn’t forget to take pictures of G this trip” days.

I’m so silly.

Then again, I’ve discovered a hidden hoard of Double Chinned Georgette pictures. If nothing else, this one makes me long to Photoshop that dramatic drop from face to chest while being grateful my hair is still mostly brown.

The album came out pretty good despite no photos of us taking photos of us.

Today I start the road trip album.

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